The Best Gas Station-Themed Birthday Party: Buc-ee’s!

Buc-ee's Birthday Party

If you’re looking for a unique and fun theme for your child’s next birthday party, why not consider a Buc-ee’s themed celebration? Buc-ee’s is a Texas-based gas station chain known for its clean facilities, friendly staff, and a wide variety of snacks and treats. With its iconic beaver logo and distinct colors, a Buc-ee’s themed party is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages!

Here are my top tips on how to host a fun and memorable Buc-ee’s themed birthday party:

Party Decorations

The decor is one of the best things about hosting a Buc-ee’s themed party! Start by incorporating the store’s signature colors of red, white, and yellow. You can even hang up Buc-ee’s balloon garland that is sold at the gas station.

Balloon garland from Buc-ee’s gas station with red foil fringe curtain

Use Buc-ee’s wrapping paper and red culterly to mimic the look of the store’s packaging. Set up a snack station with chips and cookies that can be found at Buc-ee’s.

Wrapping paper from Buc-ee’s and with single trays for the pizza slices

Fun Activities

A Buc-ee’s themed party offers plenty of opportunities for fun activities. Set up a pit stop station to enjoy snacks. Show your favorite kids cartoon. I picked Angry Beavers. Where are my 90s kids at?

A pit stop with air couches and an outdoor movie screen

You can also set up a photo booth area where kids can take pictures with a cardboard standup of the Buc-ee’s beaver mascot. I had masks made by a maker and gave them out as party favors.

A Fujifilm Insta Mini Camera is a great touch to print instant photos at the booth

Gas Station Food

When it comes to food, there are plenty of options for a Buc-ee’s themed party. Serve up classic convenience store foods, like pizza, hot dogs, or nachos. For desserts, serve up your favorite gas station candy in jars.

Candy bar jars and tongs from Dollar Tree

Party Favors

Send guests home with a Buc-ee’s themed party favor. Fill small bags or boxes with snacks like beef jerky, candy, and chips.

Caddies from Dollar Tree made the perfect tote during the party and take home box for candy and snacks

You can also include a Buc-ee’s branded item like a keychain, water bottle, or stickers from the gas station.

Themed popsicle holders by a maker for the favor boxes

As you can see, hosting a Buc-ee’s themed birthday party is a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s special day! With the right decorations, activities, and food, you can create a memorable event that your child and their friends will love. So start planning and get ready to “stop at Buc-ee’s” for a birthday party like no other!

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